Magnetic meetings 1999




The London Artists' Book Fair, Barbican Centre, London, UK 1999.


Interactive installation. The public were invited to take part. These are drawings left on the board.


a b c 1994




Three windows and sound Installation, King Street studios, London, UK 1994


Three adjacent rooms communicated through door spaces. Glass windows (2.68m x 1.94m) . The text is formed by the letteres a b and c combined into an alphabetical order. They are combination of letters that don't exist in the English dictionary. In each room there were the sounds that these combinations of letters created when pronounced by people from different language backgrounds. Eg: row a: aaa aab aac aae row b: bbx bby bbz bca row c: cbg cbh cbi cbj

tell me that you love me 1993




Camberwell College of Arts


Fax machine developed for fine art degree show. With a remote control car going over the work I LOVE YOU, the machine produces prints similar to Chinese prints.

7 minutes of passion 1992




Syracuse, New York, USA, 1992.


Ten numbers on fire on a snowed landscape.


$1.99 1992




Installation, Shaffer Building, Syracuse, New York, USA, 1992


Installation: Muzak sound, red, yellow, green and blue resin pies forming $1.99 on the wall, video camera grabs and reflects the viewer on the TV screen.







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