Selection publications and talks


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Nov 2017     Literature in the Digital Era, International Week, Colombian post-conflict society, Santiago de Cali University, Colombia;

Nov 2017     Social Digital Poetics, International Week, Colombian post-conflict society, Santiago de Cali University, Colombia;

Oct 2017      Translation and Poetry, Cambridge Conversations in Translation, Cambridge University, UK;

May 2017     Other Codes conference, National University of Ireland, Galway;

Nov 2016     Digital Media and Textuality, Gästehaus Universität, Bremen, Germany;

April 2016    LitArt: Poéticas Digitales at Paraules Pixelades, Centre Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona, Spain;


Nov 2015  Digital Cultures: Code-Visual Poetics, Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures, University of Leeds, UK;

Jan 2015 El espacio de la literatura en la era technológica, UCA, University of Cádiz, Spain;


Jan 2015  Language-Art, Awards ceremony, New Media Writing Price 2014, Bournemouth University, UK;

2014  Language-Art Digital Poetics: An exploration of digital textualities in the production of artistic research. Third Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature, Gotenburg, Sweden;


2013  Invited Speaker, Women Shift Digital, A Conference to Celebrate Women in Digital Careers, Body>Data>Space>Canary Warf, London, UK;


June 2013 Chair of E-Poetry 2013 Conference and Festival, Kingston University, UK;

June 2013 Chair Pedagogic Colloquium, Kingston University, UK;

June 2013 Chair Code Interactive #1 Kingston University & Watermans Art Centre, UK;


April 2013   Digital Poetics, NUIM Digital Arts Showcase, Hosted by the Centre for Media Studies and the Digital Arts Research Cluster National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland;


June 2012 ReadWrite Digital Textualities: Searching for New Languages, MIX: A Conference Exploring Transmedia Writing & Digital Creativity, Bath Spa University, UK;


2011 Open meaning in digital writing. Open Media Research Seminar series, Coventry University, UK; <listent to podcast>


June 2010, convener of roundtable: From the Page to the Screen to Augmented Reality: new Modes of Language-Driven Mediated Research, Kingston University, UK; <connect> <video> <Prof. David Jay Bolter>


Sep 2009     key e-poet, opening of the e-poetry Barcelona University, Hermeneia research group, Spain;


Sep 2008     key e-poet, performance of accidental meaning, generative poems electronic literature in Europe, university of Bergen, Norway.


Selection: reviews, critiques, articles


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