Speaking in tongues 1995




double life exhibition, King street London, UK 1995.


Envelopes 'A' and 'B' were given out to the audience. The envelopes contained CARDS describing situations, which prompted different dialogues. They were marked with a number, which matched a number on the floor. These numbers were arranged in pairs. The participants positioned themselves in their numbers. They opened their envelopes and followed the instructions to develop the dialogues in the CARDS. Participants were not allowed to use language but spoke using nonsense words and gestures. Both envelopes contained the same situations but in reverse order. I wanted the participants to talk in nonsense words so that it would create a greater need to communicate with each other and at the same time create a more disconcerting and incomprehensible conversation. When people came to the opening they thought we were just talking as the performers and the audience became the same.


flag-patchwork 1993





International Performance Festival-Ojo Atomico-III FIARP, Madrid, Spain 1993


After throwing different packets of cloth randomly into the audience, needles and cotton were distributed and we all made a big patchwork for the space. Background music composed for the performance. Space: 200square meters. 80 to 100 participants. Duration: 45 minutes

3 banners

I miss you, why did you leave? when are you coming back?




Camberwell Church Street, London UK, 1993.


3 Photographs of the performance.









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